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Professional Experience

April 2019- Present

Senior Director - AI Research

Reliance Jio Digital Services

I head the AI research division .My Team's work primarily revolves around Natural language generation ( , Machine reading comprehension, envisaging a unified, adaptive framework to drive conversational AI from data=>model=>qa=>maintenance . Multi-task learning ( , Multi-agent dialogue framework , RL based text clustering to name a few. 

Sep 2016- April 2019

VP- AI Architecture

I Spearheaded the AI R&D initiatives @, designed from scratch the triniti AI stack , Cognitive QA, machine comprehension, NLU/NLG/NLI , predictive conversations ,contributed to prototyping of several functionalities ,Solely contributed to several inventions across the stint at, among which multiple are being filed for provisional patent. My Contribution to the Machine comprehension model for propelled the team to 9th spot on Squad 1.1

Responsible for AI product roadmap,Track AI product performance and client experience closely to gather actionable insights and improve product platform.
Responsible for designing, evangelizing, delivering the first of its kind conversational banking

Sep 2013- sep 2016

Head, Data sciences, Attune consulting, AheadYou

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